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With GA Consulting, LLC the due diligence of the permits for your business or home will no longer be a headache.  We will gather the information, prepare the necessary documentation and submit it to the agencies. Once filed, we will be following up until the agency grants the permit. We work with: Electricity Generators Permit (PGE), Unique Permit (PU), among others.

PGE- Electricity Generators Permit


As specified in the Regulation for the Control of Atmospheric Pollution of the Environment Quality Board, an emission source shall not be operated without the proper operating or temporary permit.

The PGE is a written authorization issued by OGPe to operate an electricity generator in event that the electric power service is interrupted due to a natural or technological event (hurricane, storm, flood, drought, landslide, and electrical service failure). Violation of the required authorization may result in significant fines to the owner and/or operator of the equipment.

The validity of the Permit is 5 years.

PU-Unique Permit

The Unique Permit (PU) consolidates and incorporates procedures in a single application, of the applications required to start or continue the operation of a business. Every new or existing building, with non-residential uses, as well as any new or existing business, will obtain the Unique Permit to start or continue its operations, which will include: 1. Use Permit 2. Environmental Compliance 3. Fire Prevention Certification 4. Sanitary Licenses, and 5. any other type of license or applicable authorization required for the operation of the activity or use of the business as provided in the Joint Regulations.

The PU will be valid for one to three years.